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I'd love to hear you talk about the kinds of adjustments you make to recipes -- I can't do that well, so I'm fascinated by people who can figure that stuff out. Even if it's just as simple as, "I don't like carrots so I put in parsnips instead." Although nobody would really expect that to be a clean swap, as the carrot and the mighty parsnip are not really the same. But you get the gist.


It's only within, say, the last year that I've had the confidence to wing it more with recipes. I used to be quite slavish, but once you learn what flavors tend to compliment one another, it become pretty easy to use a particular recipe simply as a spring board. Of course baking is the complete opposite, you really sort of do need to follow the recipe exactly. I don't quite understand the chemistry of baking but I wish I did.


I love reading your recipes. I hear them in your voice and see your growth as a chef/gourmet. I only have one problem with any of the recipes---mayonnaise. Can you please find a way around this ingredient in the future? Otherwise, you make everything sound exquisitely appetizing.

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